Excavation engineer

Pavey Excavating Services

Pavey Excavating Co, Inc. offers a variety of services for virtually any situation and budget. We can customize a package for your project or you may choose a service a-la carte.

Our highly skilled professionals will consult with you to draft and implement a plan to complete your project safely and efficiently.  From visual testing and manual analysis, you'll get first-hand knowledge of any challenges before construction begins. See our list of services below, or call us for a free estimate.

  • Water and sewers - Installation and repair of water and sewer systems.
  • Septic installation and repair - Installation and repair of septic tanks and systems.
  • Septic supplies - A wide variety of septic supplies.
  • Demolition - Safe demolition.
  • Land clearing - Clearing of debris, stumps, boulders and other obstacles.
  • Trucking - Delivery of supplies and materials.
  • Metal, corrugated, plastic pipe - The right pipe for the job.
  • Septic systems - Custom built septic systems.
  • Water and sewer lines - Installation of water and sewer lines.
  • Subdivisions - Site prep including visual testing and analysis, grading and development of subdivision water, sewer and septic systems.
  • Site development - Site prep with an onsite registered professional engineer, visual and manual soil classification, planning and development.
  • Sand - Delivered and graded as needed.
  • Gravel Delivered and graded as needed.
  • Black dirt - Delivered and graded as needed.
  • Mulch – variety of colors.

We also accept Visa/MasterCard. If you have any questions regarding any of our services, please call us; we will be more than happy to help.