Delivery of Landscaping Materials

Pavey Excavating has the professional equipment and licensed drivers to safely and quickly deliver landscaping materials to your home or site location. Providing delivery of topsoil, sand, gravel, mulch and more, the pros at Pavey are here to help you get your landscaping project started. 

We offer hassle-free delivery of a variety of landscaping materials, saving you the headache of multiple trips or a pile of dirt in the back of your vehicle. Our dump trucks allow us to carry bulk loads of dirt, rock and mulch, saving you time and money when you tackle a large-scale landscaping project.

Pavey Excavating delivers:

  • Mulch (in a variety of colors)
  • Topsoil
  • Gravel
  • River rock
  • Fill Sand
  • Mason Sand
  • Stone
  • Chips
  • Additional landscape materials–just ask!

Safe & Reliable Delivery

When you request a delivery of landscaping materials, we’ll do our best to accommodate your desired drop-off location and time. Location will ultimately be up to our driver’s discretion for safety and liability reasons, but customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we will do everything we can to reduce your workload.

Material Prices

01. Limestone Products Price
#53 - 1.5" Powder $30.00 Ton
#73 - 3/4" Powder $30.00 Ton
#2 - 2-2.5" No Powder $34.00 Ton
#4 Septic Stone - 1.5" No Powder $34.00 Ton
#8 Special 1/2" - 5/8" No Powder $38.00 Ton
#11 - 1/4" Chips No Powder $38.00 Ton
Revertment Rip Rap 6"-6" $41.00 Ton
Course Aglime $32.00 Ton
02. Slag Products Price
#53 -1.5" To Powder $25.00 Ton
Septic Slag 1"-2" $28.00 Ton
#8 Slag - 1/2"-5/8" No Powder $27.00 Ton
03. Washed Gravel Price
Elkhart #5 - 1" $42.00 Ton
LM #8 - 3/8"-3/4" $34.00 Ton
Pea Gravel - 3/8" #11 elk $28.00 Ton
Oversize Rocks 12"+/- $110.00 Ton
Boulders $170.00 Ton
04. Recycled Products Price
Concrete $22.00 Ton
Asphalt $23.00 Ton
Millings $17.00 Ton
05. Sand Products Price
Mason Sand, Spec 23 $23.00 Ton
Fill Sand $17.00 yard
Sand/Clay Mix $34.00 yard
70/30 Slag Sand - Clay $38.00 yard
06. Black Dirt Products Price
Regular Black $23.00 yard
Disked Black $27.00 yard
Shredded Black $29.00 yard
07. Mulch Price
Red/Brown/Black $38.00 yard

Areas Served

The experts at Pavey Excavating deliver landscaping materials to homeowners and businesses throughout La Porte County, Porter County, Starke County, and St. Joseph County in Indiana as well as Berrien and Cass Counties in Michigan. If you need a dump truck and licensed driver to deliver your landscaping materials, call Pavey to request your service today!