Septic & Sewer Installation Services

In addition to our reliable excavation services, we also provide a range of septic installation services for both residential and commercial clients throughout northwest Indiana. Whether you need water and sewer lines, a septic system, or installation of a water main, storm sewers, downspout collection systems, culverts or lift stations, the professionals at Pavey Excavating will bring our decades of experience to get the job done right in a timely manner. Our contractors bring years of expertise, a trustworthy fleet of equipment, and a dedication to customer service and satisfaction to every septic or sewer project.

Residential & Commercial Septic Installation In Northwest Indiana

We specialize in septic system installation and replacement. If you live or work outside of a northwest Indiana city, you likely rely on a septic system for your wastewater needs. Rural property-owners can trust the team at Pavey Excavating for safe and affordable septic system installation. Our experts will take into account your drain field’s location, the water table in your area, your soil’s quality and your water usage to design and install the best septic system for your needs.

Sewer Line Relocation & Installation Services

Pavey Excavating provides professional installation and relocation for residential sewer lines. From installing a new residential sewer line to relocating the sewer main via safe and exacting excavation, the team at Pavey brings years of experience and knowledge to each sewer or water main job.